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Tear-downs force zoning regulations to be amended in major cities to preserve neighborhood charm

Across the country, more homeowners who would have in the past chosen suburban living are instead settling in the city. One downside to this urban renaissance: tear-downs. Never mind the sights and sounds of construction in otherwise quiet neighborhoods. In many cases, these demolish-and-rebuild projects have drawn the ire of neighbors and city planners alike as historic, character-drive...
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What you need to know about the Home Depot data breach

Earlier this week, Home Depot confirmed it was the target of a month-long data breach that may have compromised more than 40 million credit or debit cards. The breach apparently took place during the month of April, and according to sources, may be far more severe than similar breaches that affected Target and Neiman Marcus customers in 2013. The good news: Home Depot is acting quickly a...
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Lot sizes shrink even as homes grow

As they say in football, every inch counts. The same is true with home ownership, where the U.S. Census Bureau’s Characteristics of New Single-Family Houses Sold finds lot sizes have shrunk dramatically over the past two decades. Over on the National Association of Home Builders’ Eye on Housing blog, Paul Emrath writes that a football field might provide the best measuring st...
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Micro Lofts at The Arcade Providence  Exterior  Photo by Ben Jacobsen

Oldest shopping mall in U.S. converted into micro-apartments

American shopping malls are fast becoming an endangered species. In fact, earlier this year, Amy Merrick of The New Yorker posed the question many are afraid to ask: Are Malls Over? Put away the suburban-based sprawling behemoths and their ludicrous commercial rental costs for a moment and turn your focus to a mall that was, but is no longer. Built in 1828, Providence Arcade in Rhode Isl...
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For most, the home is a permanent work in progress

  Perhaps this should come as no surprise, but according to the Houzz Decorating Trends Survey of more than 1,700 Houzz users, when it comes to home decor, homeowners are nothing if not fickle. The survey found 66 percent of homeowners have recently decorated the same room they are currently tackling. What’s the fun in complacency, right? It’s more fun to think of one...
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