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Integrity’s environmental efforts are a year-round commitment

Earth Month is a great time for those of us who work in the building industry to consider our role in sustaining the health of the ecosystem. Over the past decade, homes have become more efficient, appliances and HVAC systems have become smarter and everyday building professionals have gained a better understanding of what it means to build green. This industry has a lot to be proud of. ...
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Five questions with Matt Risinger of Risinger Homes

Now and then, the Builder Blog likes to catch up with today’s brightest building professionals to discuss best practices, trends and the state of the industry. Recently, we interviewed Matt Risinger, principle of Austin, Texas-based Risinger Homes. Risinger’s company specializes in building and remodeling with a focus on efficient, healthy and durable construction. The summer...
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How reality television improved one building company’s quality management practices

Quality management systems may be the single most important factor in every building company’s success. Reputation is everything in this industry. All it takes are a few avoidable mishaps to ruin your brand. Therefore, it behooves builders to constantly improve oversight, even if it means taking on a major project to test one’s practices. Surely, you remember “Extreme M...
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Forget Net-Zero, the Honda Smart Home produces energy surplus

  “Energy efficient” doesn’t begin to describe the Honda Smart Home, a forward-thinking development constructed in collaboration with the University of California-Davis. Achieving a net-zero carbon rating is one thing, but this home actually produces a surplus of renewable energy! Though currently uninhabited, the Honda Smart Home generates a surplus of 2.6 megawat...
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Enter or nominate a deserving project for the Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Program

Peak building season is just weeks away. Before things to get too busy, now is the perfect time to enter or nominate a project for the Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Program. The award recognizes outstanding design, innovation, sustainability and quality in projects using Integrity products. As if earning industry acclaim and a great prize package wasn’t incentive enough, eve...
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