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A big building error

Here’s another entry into the head-slappingly-silly-building-mistakes category: Say that you are a commercial builder. You’re heading up the project to build a new skyscraper. Sounds like an awesome challenge, right? But there are a lot of moving parts on a project like this — for instance (literally), the elevators. You can’t have a skyscraper without elevators, right?

And yet that’s just what happened in one Spanish building. The back story is that the building’s plans were expanded. Unfortunately, the need for additional elevators didn’t get put in the project (although one source claims there are now additional elevators). We’d definitely say that’s a major mistake! Although a lack of elevators would no doubt lead to a great workout, how useful would a skyscraper be without them?

Which brings us to our next question: Who’s fault is it? The architects who didn’t include elevators in their plans? The building was their conception after all. But what about the builders? It seems like that would be a big thing to miss and not bring to someone’s attention!

What do you think? Have you ever heard of any big building errors?


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