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6363952529_5045824636Indoor-outdoor spaces — that’s a buzzphrase we’ve been hearing a lot of lately. Whether you are building homes in sunny California or blustery Maine, people want to have the outside of their home just as thoughtfully planned, built or remodeled as the inside.

Custom Home has some great pointers about where you can get creative with the great outdoors. Here are a few of our favorites. You can read the rest here.

  • Start with the floorplan. Big, beautiful windows and doors will go a long way towards integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, so plan carefully. 
  • In many, if not most, modern homes, the driveway and garage are front and center. Don’t neglect them since they too can set a tone for the whole house experience. In the article, Steve James, AIA likes to “make these often neglected spaces exciting by creating ‘a magical journey to the door’ through the use of elongated steps that can double as seating, thoughtful plantings that reveal the path slowly, splashes of color, secret nooks, and unexpected but easy to navigate twists and turns.”
  • Courtyards might sound old-fashioned, but in almost any size of project, they add a dose of outdoor privacy and coziness.
  • Don’t forget about comfort! Outdoor spaces need to be comfortable or occupants. Outdoor heaters or fireplaces, innovative shading and adequate lighting will help the house’s occupants actually use the outdoors space.

Do your clients want great outdoor spaces or is it not their biggest consideration?

Image courtesy of Landscape Design Advisor.

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Jason Feb 25 2013 5:16PM
Although we don't offer them as part of our packages, I've always loved the concept of courtyards and private, outdoor spaces. I think they're under-used and, for me, if I had an outdoor hot tub that's the only place I would put one.

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