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Forget Net-Zero, the Honda Smart Home produces energy surplus

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“Energy efficient” doesn’t begin to describe the Honda Smart Home, a forward-thinking development constructed in collaboration with the University of California-Davis. Achieving a net-zero carbon rating is one thing, but this home actually produces a surplus of renewable energy!

Though currently uninhabited, the Honda Smart Home generates a surplus of 2.6 megawatt-hours (Mwh) of energy per year. (For comparison, the average American home uses about 13.3 Mwh per year.) Some of that surplus will be used to power a Honda Fit electric vehicle, which also will come with the home as a nod to the fact 44 percent of greenhouse gases are emitted by homes and vehicles. explains how the surplus is achieved:

“With advanced lighting, geothermal heating and cool and a 9.5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system, the Smart Home’s design will use less than half of the energy a similarly sized new home in Davis would when it comes to heating, cooling and lighting. It’s also three times more water-efficient than the average U.S. home.”

UC-Davis is in the process of selecting a member of its community to reside at the home so researchers from the school and Honda can production and consumption habits in a real-life setting.

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