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Study claims student debt cost housing industry $83B in 2014

Posted October 17, 2014

Strict lending practices, cost of materials and labor shortages have caused constant headaches for building professionals, but one of the greatest burdens hampering the housing recovery is a bit more academic. According to a new study from John Burns Consulting, student debt among ...

Landscaping offers instant ROI

Posted October 15, 2014

When new-home construction budgets are tight and sacrifices must be made, landscaping all too often gets neglected. That might be a mistake according to a new study from Virginia Tech. Landscaping offers much more than curb appeal — it can significantly improve a home’s value. Researcher Alex ...

Lessons every building professional should learn

Posted October 10, 2014

Any building professional who claims to know everything there is to know is simply lying. Truth is, this is a crazy, ever-evolving industry, and if one’s eyes and ears aren’t open to the many lessons to be learned on the job, the game may pass them by. While no one knows everything, ...

Condominium market inches toward recovery

Posted October 8, 2014

The recession was particularly brutal to condominiums, but new data suggests the sector may be catching up with the rest of the housing industry on the long, winding path to recovery. According to data from CoreLogic, in June 2013, 22 of the 25 top condo markets in the U.S. reported rises in sales ...

Red Diamond Achiever Award profile: Lake Arrowhead Residence by Bryan Jones of Jones Pierce Architecture

Posted October 3, 2014

      Bryan Jones of Jones Pierce Architecture (Atlanta, Ga.) was named a winner in the 2014 Red Diamond Achiever Award program for Lake Arrowhead Residence, a gorgeous modern home set among Georgia’s charming natural beauty. Integrity windows were used throughout the project ...

Mobile marketing is critical to generating leads

Posted October 1, 2014

Builder, remodeler, architect, designer…mobile marketer? No matter how you identify yourself professionally, the ability to market your trade via mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets) is paramount. But what exactly does mobile marketing mean? Does your business have a website? ...

August new-home sales the highest since 2008

Posted September 26, 2014

Fall officially arrived on Tuesday, but statistics from the summer building season are continuing to pour in. Prepare yourself for some good news. According to newly released data by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau, sales of newly built, single-family ...

Exurbs Contend With Urban Areas By Offering Affordability

Posted September 24, 2014

You shouldn’t have to scroll very far down to find a Builder Blog story about the rise of urban living. The migration to large metro areas may still be on the rise, but don’t count out exurbs just yet. According to The Wall Street Journal, home values in exurbs — think of towns located ...


Fiberglass Composites in Windows in Multi-Family Housing


This course will focus on the use of fiberglass composite windows in multi-family housing, with an emphasis on Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and HUD have rigid standards for window construction and installation, such as fiberglass cladding colors, water-repellent millwork, air leakage, water penetration, structural loading, weather stripping and sealed insulating glass.

Performance Characteristics of Pultruded Fiberglass

1 H/S/W SD, 1 GBCI CE Hour, LEED AP continuing education

This program focuses on the strength, durability, and thermal efficiency of pultruded fiberglass. It describes manufacturing processes and environmental advantages of fiberglass as a window and door material.

Performance Glazing – Coatings, Layers & Gases

1 H/S/W SD, 1 GBCI CE Hour, LEED AP continuing education

This course explores how different aspects of glazing can be manipulated for increased performance, including Low E coatings, glass layering, and gas filled spaces. It also defines criteria for evaluating energy performance and glazing.

Integrated Performance Standards

1 H/S/W

This program looks at consolidated performance standards, describing how window performance is measured and graded. Testing procedures are presented, along with information on performance factors, product codes and Hallmark certification.

IZ Windows and Coastal Codes

1 H/S/W

This presentation covers hurricane history and patterns, the forces driving code development, IRC, IBC, and IECC, impact dynamics, IZ zones, and construction options.

Beyond Performance: Assessing the Sustainability of Windows

1 H/S/W SD, 1 GBCI CE Hour, LEED AP continuing education

Sustainability concepts such as embodied energy, carbon footprint and life cycle are explained relative to fenestration products. Wood and clad wood, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl are compared in terms of sourcing, manufacture and end-of-life disposal. A net zero residential case study is included.

AAMA 2605: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

1 H/S/W LU

This program takes an in-depth look at aluminum as a clad material and as a substrate for high performance finish, as defined by AAMA 2605. Program content addresses aluminum characteristics, sustainability and life cycle, coating options and performance testing criteria.

Managing Sound Transmission

1 H/S/W

Learn the importance of building products' acoustical performance and product ratings. This presentation will cover sound transmission loss, acoustical ratings, and ways to achieve the best ratings for a building's location and use.

Window Installation Fundamentals

1 H/S/W

Learn the basics about window installation. This program provides a general overview of best-practice installation procedures for wood windows, aluminum clad windows, and structural installations, including a discussion on opening and unit preparations.

Historic Renovation: Windows

1 H/S/W

This presentation reviews window evaluation and rehabilitation planning for historic buildings. Window replacement is highlighted by case studies which illustrate historic window profile replication.

Harmonizing with History: Window Solutions for Historically Sensitive Settings

1 H/S/W SD

Learn about sympathetic design principles for renovation and new construction in historic settings. Case studies demonstrate window challenges, technical solutions and replacement window performance in institutional buildings.


Marvin Factory Tour for Architects

5 H/S/W

The centerpiece of this day-and-a-half program is a 5 hour tour of the Marvin Windows and Doors factory in Warroad, MN. Learn about every facet of window manufacturing from wood processing through final unit assembly.

Cardinal Plant (Tour)

2 H/S/W

Take a two-hour tour of a Cardinal plant and see how float glass (Menomonee, WI) or coated glass, Low E (Northfield, MN) is created. Learn about the fabrication processes for tempering, laminating, coating and insulating glass, and identify common problems in glazing.

Architectural Tour of Minneapolis

4 H/S/W

Newsweek named Minneapolis "Design City" in 2006, based on recent contributions by world class architects including Cesar Pelli, Jean Nouvel and Herzog & deMeuron. See these and other buildings on a walking tour of achitecture in Minneapolis. The architect-led tour focuses on energy efficiency, durability, safety and other fenestration issues. A 2 H/S/W version of this tour is also available.

Ripley Factory Tour

3 H/S/W

This factory tour of Marvin’s patio door manufacturing facility in Ripley, Tennessee gives a thorough overview of the door manufacturing process from wood processing to assembly, including extruded aluminum cladding. Performance- and quality-testing are demonstrated.


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Find Hanley Wood University online learning programs developed by Marvin Windows and Doors.

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