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New design options with Integrity Cottage and Reverse Cottage Windows

Integrity Double Hung, Reverse Cottage Style Sash, highres

Integrity expands design possibilities with unequal sash configurations, Prairie 9 Lite Cut

Fargo, N.D. – The classic look of a cottage window is now available across the majority of Integrity’s All Ultrex Single Hung and Double Hung windows.

Integrity now offers a 40/60 cottage sash split and a 60/40 reverse cottage sash split in addition to standard equal sash configurations for the widest range of design options.

“The cottage style options offer greater aesthetic and accessibility capabilities for both residential and commercial projects,” said Garrett Wilson, product marketing manager for Integrity Windows and Doors. “Matching an existing architectural style – or creating a new one – is easier, and accessibility is improved thanks to the ability to vary the checkrail height for universal design concerns.”

Standard features include:

  • Cottage, Reverse Cottage and Equal sash configurations
  • 40/60 sash split on Cottage units, 60/40 split on Reverse Cottage units
  • Available on All Ultrex Double Hung and Single Hung units
  • Available on standard call number and special-sized units (some height restrictions apply)

There’s news from Integrity’s Wood-Ultrex line, as well. Integrity is now offering the popular Prairie 9 Lite Cut Pattern SDL on its Wood-Ultrex Series Double Hung Windows, either with or without spacer bars. The classic Prairie 9 lite cut is also available on Integrity’s IMPACT double hung products (without spacer bars).

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About Integrity Windows and Doors
Integrity Windows and Doors is the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of windows and doors made with Ultrex — a state-of-the-art pultruded fiberglass material. We didn’t just join the fiberglass revolution — we pioneered it. Our heritage as part of the Marvin family of companies is built on more than a century of excellence and expertise. Based in Fargo,
N.D., Integrity offers a comprehensive line of window and door products that are Built to Perform® and backed by first-class customer service.


Download a PDF of this news release: Integrity Cottage and Reverse Cottage Sash & Prairie 9 Lite Cut

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