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Integrity Fiberglass Wood-Ultrex Outswing French Door

Outswing French Door

Integrity Wood-Ultrex Outswing French Doors combine style and performance with rich wood interiors, wide stiles and rails and standard DP50 rating. Heights up to 8-feet offer design flexibility and available adjustable hinges keep the door opening and closing smoothly even as the house shifts settles.

  • Low-maintenance Ultrex exterior; rich pine interior
  • DP50 performance
  • Multi-point locking system ensures performance and security
  • Adjustable hinges adapt as a home settles and shifts over time
  • 10-year manufacturing warranty/20-year glass seal warranty
  • LoE2 glass with argon gas standard
  • LoE3-366 and tempered glass available
Energy Data

Integrity Wood-Ultrex Outswing French Door

Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Air0.340.460.51
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Air - GBG0.340.400.44
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Air - SDLS0.330.390.44
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Air - SDLN0.340.400.44
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Argon0.320.460.51
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Argon - GBG0.320.400.44
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Argon - SDLS0.310.390.44
Insulating Glass/LoĒ-180 - Argon - SDLN0.320.400.44
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Air0.330.280.47
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Air - GBG0.330.240.40
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Air - SDLS0.330.240.40
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Air - SDLN0.330.240.40
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Argon0.300.280.47N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Argon - GBG0.300.240.40N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Argon - SDLS0.300.240.40N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ²-272 - Argon - SDLN0.300.240.40N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Air0.330.190.42
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Air - GBG0.330.170.36
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Air - SDLS0.340.170.36
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Air - SDLN0.330.170.36
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Argon0.300.180.42N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Argon - GBG0.300.160.36N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Argon - SDLS0.310.160.36N, NC, SC, S
Insulating Glass/LoĒ³-366 - Argon - SDLN0.300.160.36N, NC, SC, S
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