Remodel and Replace

Energy-efficient replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make in your house. They’re also one of the biggest. Do it right the first time with Integrity All Ultrex or Wood-Ultrex replacement windows or doors. A wide range of styles, sizes and finishes all available to give you just the look you desire. And because they’re made with Ultrex, you know you won’t be replacing them again for a long, long time.

Replacement Windows

From Double Hung to Round Top and everything in between, Integrity windows come in a several classic and modern styles with the grille pattern of your choice to match your existing architecture. Our variety of available finish colors let you maintain the status quo or give your exterior a bold new look. Choose Wood-Ultrex Series replacement windows for a rich pine interior that can be stained to complement your interior trim.

Special Sizes

Matching your replacement windows to the original size window can be a difficult task. But with All Ultrex Series and Wood-Ultrex Series windows available in special sizes, you can find almost any size window in a wide range of styles to fit your existing opening.

Easy Installation

Rest assured, there is no better choice than Integrity windows for your next remodel. We make installation easy by offering all of the accessories needed to fit any space, such as nail fins, jamb extensions and more. Plus, you have quick access to product specifications and installation instructions with our Product Selector. Integrity’s 10-day delivery period ensures you’ll have the windows and doors you need when you’re ready to get to work.

Staggered Replacement

Want to replace a few windows or doors now and the rest later? That’s okay. Ultrex won’t fade like vinyl so the Integrity windows you install now will still match windows you install later. Given our long history in the window and door industry, you can trust Integrity will be around when its time to replace the rest of your windows.

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